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Chris Vaughn’s 700 Club Testimony, About Pat Robertson’s Words of Knowledge

If you’re not familiar with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), I highly suggest that you watch their programming, and donate to CBN — God truly heals people through them. They have several programs, but my testimony is about the 700 Club. I became aware of CBN when I was young; however, it wasn’t until later in life that I had a real miracle from God through the words of Pat Robertson, while watching CBN’s 700 Club.

After the birth of my first son. (I now have three sons) I wanted to be a better father. But, times were really tough, and I felt angry and very alone. One day Jesus spoke to me out of nowhere and said, “I’ll take care of you.” I immediately felt love and a new hope for a future. I began my walk with Christ that very day.

I forgot to mention this so I’m editing this article on 9-16-23 to add two miracles God showed me after He spoke to me when He said, “I’ll take care of you.” My newborn son had Jaundice and Colic and he would cry horribly at night. One night I prayed earnestly to God for my son to be healed, and he was healed instantly, no more Jaundice or Colic and no more horrible crying at night at all.

Another miracle was my father was dying in the hospital in Atlanta and I could do anything about it. I was fortunate to learn that prayer and fasting can cause God’s hand to move in these situations. I prayed and fasted to God for some days and my father experienced a miracle and lived.

I thought I was going to have a miraculous life with God. But unexpectedly, things got tougher. And I became more angry than before, because when Jesus said, “I’ll take care of you,” I thought He meant he’d lead me to abundant prosperity; however, that’s not what happened. I had to sell some of my luxury items to make ends meet. I sold one thing after another, including my very clean “classic” 1970 Cadillac, and that infuriated me, I was literally mad everyday. On top of all of that, the mother of my son began seeing another man.

I needed a miracle emotional healing, God gave me exactly what I needed while I was watching the 700 Club. One day while watching Pat Robertson pray, God gave me true real Joy. Pat said, “Some body out there is mad, and I mean you’re mad at everything.” I sat way up on my couch because, I knew Pat was talking about me. 

At that point Pat said, “God is giving you joy — claim it and receive it in the name of Jesus!” I raised my hand up an said, “I claim it and receive it, in the name of Jesus!” I immediately felt like something poured warm spiritual liquid Joy inside me; I leaped up happier than I have ever been in life. That was a real emotional gift from God to me, through Pat Robertson and the 700 Club — it lasted for over a month. Every time I watch the 700 Club, I know everything is true.

Pat Robertson was the man God used to speak the words of healing my pain, anger and disparity, but God was the Healer— Hallelujah!

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