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God and Jesus Are Not Any Earthly Race

Some people deny Jesus Christ because they are racist. That being the case, they’re not worthy to follow Christ anyway. No racist is worthy of following Jesus. But to clear things up for everyone I must write this. Jesus was only in Hebrew flesh for thirty three years. He is now back in His Divine Glorious Spirit form once again, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I’ve seen multitudes of people deny Christ and follow other religions, or a watered down religion that has a little Christ added to it, Voodoo and Islam are perfect examples of religions that have a little Jesus added to them. And in some cases, they start religious cults. Often times, their ignorance isn’t of their own doing they’re simply fooled by others. They think Jesus is a Jewish God, or White God. First off, Jesus isn’t God; He is the Son of God. Jesus doesn’t want to be God, Satan wanted to be God. And furthermore, Jesus isn’t White or Black or a Jew. Jesus is a glorious Divine Spirit, He existed long before earth and man were ever created. He was sent down from Heaven by the Almighty God, Who is His Father, The Ultimate Glorious Spirit.

People who think God and Jesus, or any Angel in Heaven, Demon in Hell or demonic spirit guide on earth is Black, White, or any other Earthly race are racist and ridiculous. Or either, naive and shallow minded. However, we humans, are going to be our same race in spirit form, in Heaven for eternity. We know this because, in the book of Revelation, John testified to seeing every race and people who spoke every language in Heaven.

“After this I beheld,and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;” — Revelation 7:9

Jesus lived on earth as a Hebrew for only 33 years because of the promise that God made with Abraham, for his seeds through Sara. If Abraham and Sara were the originators of Africans, Asians, Mexicans, or any other race of people, Jesus would have walked the earth covered in the flesh as one of those races of people for only 33 years. And He still would have went back to Heaven in Spirit, without being whatever other race of people He was for only 33 years.

Let me break this down another way. Jesus is a created spirit, created by God, Who is the Father of everything; Jesus is millions of years old. He was sent as a divine spirit into the womb of the Virgin Mary. A split second before “His Spirit” was placed in her womb, He still wasn’t a Jew. But, the exact moment His Spirit was placed in her womb, Jesus began His earthly mission to become a human as a Jew. He grew inside her in flesh as a Jew, and divine spirit. He was then born through her womb, and came out a Jew on earth as a baby with a divine spirit and purpose. That’s the way God chose to deliver His Son to a lost wicked world. God called all the shots and Jesus obeyed in Love — not forced by God the Father to do anything.

God is not a race of anything, yet everything in existence is a race of God. Since God created everything, everything is of Him, but He isn’t “OF” anything. That’s why it’s completely delusional to think that God is an Earthly race, or Jesus is still a Jew today just because He walked the earth as a Jew. Our human flesh came from dirt. So we were dirt before anything else. God had to breathe His Spirit into Adam before we became a living soul and spirit covered in a dirt flesh. That’s why we have different color flesh, God decided to divide us that way. Heavenly beings are divided by attributes and rank, because they are all the same race, which is, the God the Father race.

Here’s one more quick example, the Angels that came to Lot in the Bible, came as men. Lot’s neighbors who saw them, saw them as men; and they wanted to have sex with those men that were actually Angels of God. Those Angels had to be covered in flesh, which was the flesh of a race. They couldn’t have been in Jewish flesh because there was no such thing as a Jew at that time. Let’s just say for example, those Angels used African flesh. Does that mean that they were African Angels? No, they would have been Holy Angels temporarily in Black Flesh. 

Angels have appeared to people in the flesh of every race. They didn’t originate as fleshly beings therefore there’s no such thing as lets just say, an “Indian Angel” just an Angel, temporarily in Indian flesh. Because Angels didn’t originate from flesh. When their mission is complete, they return to Heaven in their original divine glorious spiritual form. In this same way, Jesus was temporarily in Hebrew flesh. Yet, when His mission was complete, He also returned to Heaven in His original glorious Divine spirit form.

That’s what makes racism foolish, we are spirit beings. The flesh we’re in doesn’t effect our purpose, nor does it make us better or worse than anyone else.

There’s a whole marketing scheme behind trying to attribute a race to God. Gullible racist people will always be willing to purchase such books, posters and videos based on God being their specific race.

We put so much emphasis on desires and our flesh, we become fleshly minded about everything. Even the Spiritual seems fleshly to us. I hope this clears things up for those who are confused. Just be thankful that God created and loves every race and every person. God bless you and yours brothers and sisters!

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