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Derick Hall Was Born 4 Months Early and Given a 1% Chance to Live, Now He’s in the NFL

A young American football athlete, aged 22, who has been chosen to join the Seattle Seahawks, faced an extremely low probability of survival when he was born.

Derick Hall, born in 2001, arrived four months before his expected due date. As a newborn, this linebacker, now standing at six-foot-three, weighed a mere 2lbs 9oz and was so tiny that he fit in his mother’s hand. Stacy Gooden-Crandle, his mother, was informed that it would require a miracle for her son to survive and that he might be born without a heartbeat. Fortunately, Hall was born alive and promptly transferred to intensive care.

Even though Hall came into the world breathing, Stacy was informed that his chances of surviving a five-month period in an incubator were extremely slim. After months of incubation, receiving oxygen support, and being fed through tubes, Hall eventually became healthy enough to leave the hospital.

Due to his premature birth, Hall’s mother had to enroll him in classes and therapy sessions to aid his speech and physical development. Despite being smaller than his peers, Hall began playing flag football at the age of four and transitioned to the contact version of the sport at ten. Although he initially faced challenges, he made remarkable progress during his teenage years, reaching the same level as his teammates.

Stacy, Hall’s mother, initially harbored concerns about allowing him to play football. However, Hall explained that his mother gradually came to understand that the sport served as his escape from numerous hospital visits and the additional care he required. He stated, “She knew that was just my way of escaping. While most kids would say, ‘I don’t want to go to practice,’ I was excited to have an opportunity to do something other than staying in the hospital, receiving shots, or undergoing breathing treatments.”

Hall’s story is a strong testimony to what God can do with the smallest chance of victory — Never give up on God’s miracle working power!

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