About Us

HelpRescue.org is dedicated to leading souls to Christ. We know that God is real, Jesus is real, the Holy Spirit is real, Heaven is real, and Satan and Hell are just as real. Everything we do leads lost souls to God Almighty. We’re told to preach the gospel, and that’s what we do. We just take a more personal helpful approach to each person at their lowest time of life. That’s why God appreciates your generous support of HelpRescue.org.

Helping people in the name of Jesus is what we do best. When you give to HelpRescue.org, you partake in the blessings that God promised those who give in His name, for His purpose.

The homeless and other desperate people, need much more than just food and a bunk to sleep on. They need a network of people who really care.  It’s our job as disciples of Christ, to give specific help and guidance towards better opportunities in every area of the lives of people.  To guide and teach them about the love of God, as well as what He expects from us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the needs of the people of every race and age group. Really loving them with the love of God, and helping them by providing the following:

  1. Food banks
  2. Homeless shelters
  3. Bible study and rehab centers
  4. Positive youth programs
  5. Criminal deterrent outreaches
  6. Pro-Life Maternity Options
  7. Job placement services and jobs

And we do it all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. The next generations needs us adults to guide them not only to success in God’s Kingdom, but also steer them away from violence, hatred and early death by creating better unity among every race and age group.

HelpRescue.org is extremely effective at immediately helping others. As well as, shining a light on, and giving help upwards on the path to “Love, Joy and Abundance” in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for supporting the work of God, and growing the Kingdom on earth. God bless you and yours brothers and sisters!