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All Roads The “Left” Has Leads To Hell

There’s only One way to Heaven, that’s through Jesus Christ. Yet, there’s many ways to Hell. Every Organization the left has leads to hell — All of them! After being fed a continual diet of blasphemous lies, the radical left has become all but completely brainwashed — reality isn’t a factor in the roads they choose. Let’s break some of the roads down by what they actually do. They have important sounding names, but none of them are fair; and evil grows more and more through each movement. After fasting and praying the Holy Spirit has revealed to me that The Democrat Party is One of the Heads of the Beast (the wounded head) written about in the book of Revelation.

Democrat Organizations

  • Planned Parenthood – Promotes and kills babies, even after birth — Using your tax dollars. The most murderous organization in the world.
  • LGBTQ – Promotes homosexuality and transgenderism to everyone, even kids. Advocates for males to compete against females, and enter girls only private spaces.
  • Advocates for Youth – Promotes 1st graders and up to try masturbation. Uses cartoon videos to entice them to try it. Pedophilia would be what that’s called, because it’s adults teaching kids sexual acts.
  • Antifa – Promotes violence and chaos under the guise of being against fascism. Their hate America philosophy, uses fascist ideology to promote socialist authoritarian goals.
  • BLM – Promotes hatred, violence, riots, theft, chaos, murder and more. Destroys communities nationwide by fire, vandalism and violence to the people.
  • KKK – The most racist and authoritarian organization in American history. Intimidation, murder and total subjugation are their methods. This is the Democrats foundation of belief. 

There are many more evil leftist organizations, those are just the frontline, they empower the ‘beast’ that we call the Democrat Party. I’m not saying that being Republican gets you to Heaven but, being a Democrat will for sure get you to Hell. Because you voted for EVERYTHING God hates — Everything. There’s no way around it. Some people can’t accept that truth, they think politics is off limits for God.

Every Democrat vote is usually a hateful vote, the left can only fill the polls with hatred. It’s a different kind of vote than ours, it’s not for God, Family and Country. It’s for a personal vendetta against various media promoted groups of people. Satan has successfully used the Democrats to manipulate everything right and just. It’s up to us, to introduce people everywhere to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God Almighty. The Democrats have rejected God; the only time they remotely mention God, is when they’re twisting a scripture.

Nothing can get you to Heaven other than accepting Jesus Christ the Son of God, as your Lord and Savior, and loving God. No one is in Heaven that doesn’t love God. The left has a way of keeping people so occupied with fear and hate, they don’t have time to try to seek and love God. Pray for revival Patriots. God bless you and yours brothers and sisters!

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