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Child Org Uses Tax Dollars to Push Trans Choice on Toddlers

Satan is after toddlers, if you’re a parent who votes Democrat; you should stop now! At the rate the trans choice movement is progressing, they’ll be cutting off the penis of three year olds, and giving them hormone blockers — using our tax dollars! A Democrat indoctrination hub, is masquerading as a taxpayer-funded org for early childhood development. This is political, and has very little to do with child development. The org is called Zero to Three, and they are pushing trans choice on two-year-olds. You cannot force parents to cater to a fabricated, unscientific false reality, especially using our tax dollars.

One of their sessions reads, “This [presentation] addresses the development of gender identity, including how early the process begins (ages 2–3), and how parents and professionals can distinguish gender exploration with the emergence of a transgender identity.”

All of that important sounding verbiage is just babbling misleading indoctrination. This is how the Democrats pretend to be doing a great thing while actually manipulating any naive mind that they can fool. The left doesn’t see children as kids; they see them as smaller adults — they don’t respect the preciousness and innocence of a child.

Pushing trans choices to toddlers shows how evil the left is. Democrats are literally giving toddlers a mental disorder — at their earliest stages of life. As seen in the picture below, their motto is, “Early connections last a lifetime.”

Zero to Three has wasted over $230 million in federal funding since 2008. And they are set to receive $4.2 million more from the Biden Administration. The DOJ even gave tax dollars to them during the Obama admin, to the tune of $1.95 million.

Their goal is to reshape childrearing in America. They have no shame in promoting transgender ideology to children who can barely talk. They also promote CRT along with trans choice. It’s out right infuriating that our tax dollars are being used to promote these radical views in early childhood development.

The most unbearable thing to see in recent years, is the innocence of God’s children being stolen; in order to validate an adult perverse lifestyle. They use conference sessions to promote their distorted Satanic theology. Here’s a few of their session titles:

  • What Does It Mean to Be Transgender and How Can You Support Kids Who Might Be
  • Elevating Racial Equity in the First 1,000 Days
  • Protecting, Promoting, and Preserving the Health, Wealth, and Learning of Our Families and Babies

Satan’s people are good at camouflaging evil intended curriculum, as important sounding aspects of life. Parents who aren’t rooted in the knowledge and truth of Jesus Christ, are vulnerable to orgs like Zero to Three. 

Here’s a YouTube trailer from Zero to Three. It’s just full of generalized inspiring titles that don’t mention anything about their trans choice for toddlers. After all, most people wouldn’t be a part of their organization if they put that aspect upfront for all to see.

That video shows how it’s so easy to look captivating to lure parents in, while having an evil agenda on the back burner. Interfering with the natural development of God’s children is very evil to say the least, but doing it to a toddler is none short of diabolical. And the organization also offers fun time for drag queen bingo. Here’s a Tweet from Zero to Three’s Twitter account.

What in the world does drag queen bingo have to do with toddlers? Absolutely nothing! They apparently use are tax dollars to have a great “gay time” for the adults. Which means we’re paying for drag queen time now also. Praying seems to be futile for people like them, but we still have to do it. Don’t lose hope Patriots, keep sharing information like this to open the eyes of misinformed parents.

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