Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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CNN’s Don Lemon is Said to Return After He Made an Insulting Comment About Nikki Haley On Air

Don Lemon is set to return to his morning show where he will continue to tell lies, after making sexist comments about Republican Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley on air. It’s a shame that he hasn’t been banned for all the racist comments he’s made and lies he’s told throughout his entire career. His conscience has been seared, do not be deceived by this man when he returns — CNN is one of the most God hating news networks in America.

A memo was sent to CNN staffers stating that Lemon, “agreed to participate in formal training” and “the company has a number of resources and Don is committed to our recommendation.” Lemon knowingly manufactured an obvious publicity “firestorm” when he made a comment about Haley being past her prime. He apologized, but his co-anchors were said to be angry along with other staffers.

Don Lemon encouraged riots and the destruction of our country over lies — that he knew were not true. I personally view the left wing mainstream media as one of the bullhorns of the “False Prophet” in the book of Revelation. Along with: social media, Hollywood celebrities, many educational institutions and more. CNN is one of the False Prophet’s primary [manipulation] weapons for causing chaos.

This whole thing feels like another publicity stunt by CNN that maliciously involved a precious woman of God. Haley responded to the comments on social media, view her Tweet below.

It doesn’t matter how well worded a fake apology is, I can still see that it is disingenuous and meant only for public impression. And I know that the comments were specifically made to plant deceitful seeds; they wanted to cast doubt on Haley’s ability to lead — it only worked on the weak minded.

Let’s not forget that Nikki Haley was the youngest and first minority female Governor in America when she was elected in South Carolina in 2010. And furthermore, she is 25 years younger than President Trump; in addition to that, she’s 29 years younger than President Joe Biden. Currently we have the oldest President in American history — evil Joe Biden. And Joe Biden is completely incompetent!

We must keep praying for people to open their eyes, and keep speaking the truth about everything. Because, nothing opens eyes like the truth, especially the truth of Jesus and the meaning of life.

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