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Conservative Rapper’s ‘Boycott Target’ Song Criticizing LGBT ‘Agenda’ 

A conservative rapper has released a song criticizing Target for promoting controversial LGBT “Pride” merchandise aimed at children, and it has reached the top position on Apple iTunes. The song, named “Boycott Target” by Forgiato Blow (real name Kurt Jantz), has surpassed popular artists like Taylor Swift to claim the number-one spot.

The music video, filmed inside a Target store, begins with the rapper stating that the store is intentionally appealing to children. He then expresses his opinion that the LGBT movement has gone too far, causing harm to children through practices related to gender affirmation, symbolized by the terms “cuts” and “scars.”

In one scene of the video, an individual removes large quantities of Bud Light, a brand that has faced criticism for partnering with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, from a store aisle.

The release of this music video coincides with reports that Target has experienced a significant decrease in market value, estimated at around $10 billion, due to backlash against its LGBT-themed products for children. These products include onesies with pro-LGBT slogans, as well as items for adults like a swimsuit designed for tucking and bags and sweatshirts with phrases such as “We Belong Everywhere,” “Too Queer for Here,” and “Cure Transphobia.”

In an interview with Fox News, Blow expressed his satisfaction with the success of his song, emphasizing the importance of speaking out in the current cultural climate. He strongly believes that Target should not be selling such merchandise to elementary school-aged children and emphasized the need to protect them.

Blow also claimed that his song has been “shadow-banned” on Apple’s music platform, indicating that it is not easily discoverable through searches. He mentioned that he has faced censorship before, receiving lifetime bans on Instagram and Facebook for promoting positivity. He contrasted this with his previous experiences as a rap artist, where he faced no consequences for producing negative and anti-American content.

Furthermore, Blow stated that he sees a connection between the 2020 election and the “Black Lives Matter” movement, but he believes that the focus of the upcoming 2024 election will shift to LGBTQ issues. He sees his song and its success as part of a cultural shift, awakening people to the idea that they don’t have to conform and can become leaders instead of followers.

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