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DeSantis Boldly Rejects The Queer Agenda in AP African American Studies Course

DeSantis gives the woke agenda a halting blow in Florida. The queer indoctrination scheme has been pushed on every level of education in America, but Florida isn’t taking it anymore. Thanks to Governor DeSantis, students in Florida who pursue African American studies won’t have to waste time studying the queer narrative to raise test scores. This is another win for Floridians courtesy of their awesome Governor.

The Advance Placement organization (AP) is the service that is used to administer SATs, but in addition to overseeing the SATs, the organization also administers AP classes that allow students to earn college credits while still in high school. Political indoctrination isn’t a service that the AP should be providing.

Don’t believe the leftist manufactured narrative on the issue; DeSantis is not rejecting African American Studies. View the video below to hear DeSantis explain the issue and his decision, straight from his own mouth.

Florida really needs DeSantis to keep fighting indoctrination by the educational system. This is a battle that no Democrat Governor has had the courage to fight. The left wants to validate every form of evil that they can through the education system. After all, that’s the strongest tower to conquer; once they’ve successfully enforced indoctrination, brainwashing is on autopilot.

DeSantis said it best when he stated, “This College Board,…like, nobody elected them to anything, They are just kind of there,… and they provide a service, and so you can either utilize those services or not.”

African Americans are obviously the majority of the students who study the course, and queer narratives aren’t an integral part of their aim for taking the course; not even a side note interest. Why should these young men and women be forced to study an agenda? Queer courses shouldn’t be a part of any studies, definitely not studies of the ethnicity and heritage of any race.

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