Monday, June 17, 2024

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Elon Musk To Sue George Soros-Funded NGOs Over Free Speech

Free speech has always been a threat to Satan’s agenda. There’s a strong attack by the wicked against it; the battle continues for each generation — they call anything that exposes their evil plans hate speech. Well, Elon Musk just dropped a bomb on X (formerly known as Twitter). He’s not holding back when it comes to his mission to keep the platform a stronghold for free speech. Musk agreed with journalist Michael Shellenberger, who called out Soros-funded NGOs for supposedly hyping up “hate incidents” to justify stifling free expression.

Shellenberger’s data-backed post was on point: tolerance towards minorities is on the rise, not the opposite. Musk’s reaction? A resounding “Exactly.” He’s ready to flex legal muscles and sue these organizations. “X will be filing legal action to stop this,” Musk declared — discovery phase, here we come!

Shellenberger shared a thought-provoking article by Irish journo Ben Scallan; he exposed how NGOs linked to Soros’ Open Society Foundations are pushing a “censorship agenda” in Ireland and Scotland. This is the kind of conversation that keeps us all talking.

Free speech is always going to be an issue for Satan’s people; they hate the truth and that’s a fact. They hate the truth, because the truth opens peoples eyes — they want to keep people blinded by lies. We cannot let this happen. We must keep standing up for free speech, because free speech is truth speech.

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