Monday, May 20, 2024

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Evil Colorado Dems vote ‘AGAINST’ making indecent exposure to minors a felony

Over the weekend, the Colorado House of Representatives voted on a bill (HB23-1135) that aimed to increase the severity of indecent exposure in front of a minor to a class 6 felony. The bill was opposed by 27 Democrats. The left Democrats are only concerned about the LGBTQ society; it shows everyone where their priorities are. Democrat Representative Leslie Herod, was worried that it could lead to the prohibition of drag shows and harm the transgender community.

Herod said that such laws have been used in the past to target individuals who use public restrooms of the sex they identify with or to ban drag shows. She expressed concerns about the growing attacks against the transgender community across the country. She had no shame in saying.

Eventually, the bill was passed with amendments. As per the existing law, indecent exposure in front of a minor is categorized as a class 1 misdemeanor, but the proposed bill aimed to make it a class 6 felony.

On the day before the vote, the deputy chief of staff for the Colorado House GOP, Roger D. Hudson, tweeted that House Democrats had previously filibustered against the bill for nearly three hours. There’s nothing that the Democrats do that have a positive impact on anyone. The only reason they cater to the homosexual community is so they can use them. Keep praying Patriots, God is saddened by what the Democrats are doing to his little children.

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