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Ex-Santeria Witch Sees the Demons Inside Her and Turns to God

God is always trying to lead His children away from Satanism, Witchcraft and Voodoo; because the demon spirits are in those religions. Some take longer than others, so God lets them see the demons inside them sometimes. That’s what happened with Illiana Soltani.

Illiana Soltani was searching for meaning in her life. Her search led her to the occult. She got so deep into the occult that she earned the title ‘little witch.’ For years she practiced witchcraft until one day she looked in the mirror and saw something disturbing. It sent her running for help and into the arms of Jesus. Here is her inspiring story.

Thank God that this woman was wise enough to run to the love and protection of Jesus. Many in the occult community hate Jesus — unfortunately they will never change. For those who are willing to change, Jesus is always waiting with His arms wide open to welcome them; no matter what they have done — He understands.

The evil demons that run the occult community have a religion for everyone. If they need a new religion to promise people protection, power and wealth; the demons will just create another religion for that. As long as the demon spirits keep their followers vengeful, money hungry and last but not least, [against] the teachings of Jesus — they don’t care what humans do. All those spirits hate humans, they only help humans destroy themselves; by promoting greed, control and various perverse desires.

Jesus Christ is the only way to true spiritual enlightenment and spiritual purity; the demons have fooled millions into thinking that occult rituals can purify them. These rituals actually do the exact opposite. Eventually the person dies and goes to hell for practicing the same rituals that they thought were cleansing and protecting them. Pray for God to open the eyes of the precious soul fooled by Satan’s spirits.

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