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Failing Students in the Name of Diversity: Pastor John Amanchukwu

Pastor John Amanchukwu lays the facts on the table about the failing education system for children, in the name of diversity. John is the First Assistant and Youth & Young Adult Pastor at the Upper Room Church of God in Christ, and he’s also involved with TPUSA’s faith team. Amanchukwu is a dynamic speaker with a passion for exposing the blasphemous ideologies that has long been promoted by the Democrats. He’s outraged as we all should be about the diversity agenda being promoted to the children of America.

Watch the video below from Pastor John Amanchukwu‘s YouTube channel and let his message of truth resonate into your spirit.

It’s worth noting that the budget allocated to diversity issues may vary from year to year, depending on the priorities of the administration in power and other factors affecting the national budget. However, I don’t think a single dime should be spent for the Democrat version of diversity. It doesn’t enlightened or enhance anything. It only promotes guilt.

Nonetheless, diversity, equity, and the LGBTQ agenda has infected the apparatus of our education system nationwide. Keep praying for God’s will to be done Patriots. We are not in this battle alone. satan is after the minds of our children, and he wants to infect them from every direction to keep them away from God‘s plan and purpose for their lives, we can’t stand by and just let it happen without speaking the truth to combat it.

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