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Girl Sues Hospital for Removing Her Breasts at Age 13

A medical facility and physicians in California are being sued due to their actions of removing the breasts of a 13-year-old girl who identified as a boy.

The individuals being sued are accused of engaging in “medical abuse” driven by ideology and financial motives. They initially prescribed the girl with puberty blockers and hormones, and later performed a surgical procedure known as a double mastectomy. Charles LiMandri, one of the attorneys representing the plaintiff, Layla Jane, stated that these actions were carried out with questionable motives.

Layla Jane, who is now 18 years old, was influenced by online sources at the age of 11 and expressed to her parents that she identified as a boy. In response, her parents sought guidance from medical professionals.

Despite three doctors expressing concerns about Jane’s young age for cross-sex hormones, she was eventually referred to other doctors who prescribed her puberty blockers and hormones. Shockingly, her breasts were removed within just six months.

According to the lawsuit, the decision to administer hormones and puberty blockers was based on a single 75-minute session with psychologist Susanne Watson. Plastic surgeon Dr. Winnie Tong, after a brief 30-minute session, concluded that Jane was eligible for breast removal.

The lawsuit argues that the defendants failed to delve into the psychological factors that led Jane to mistakenly believe she was transgender. They neglected to evaluate or address her complex array of symptoms. Instead, they unquestioningly relied on Jane’s own understanding of her needs, despite her being a troubled twelve-year-old. The lawsuit highlights the extraordinary nature of surgically removing a healthy body part and deliberately inducing hormonal dysfunction in the pituitary gland solely based on the wishes of an adolescent patient.

Contrastingly, psychologist Doreen Samelson, who is not named as a defendant, informed Jane and her parents that she could not receive puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones due to factors such as her age.

Jane, formerly known as Kayla Lovdahl, has since “detransitioned” and returned to identifying as a girl. She is currently undergoing psychotherapy to address mental health issues, including social anxiety disorder. The lawsuit argues that such therapy should have been offered as an alternative to the drastic measures taken by the defendants. It further notes that various studies indicate that many young individuals with gender dysphoria eventually become comfortable with their birth sex.

Furthermore, research has shown that individuals who undergo chemical or surgical procedures for transitioning often experience mental health issues and higher rates of suicide. Some countries have even limited the use of puberty blockers to specific settings due to insufficient clinical research on their use among young individuals seeking to transition.

The lawsuit contends that the doctors failed to obtain informed consent from Jane by neglecting to provide therapy and discuss the potential side effects of the surgery. Instead, the defendants claimed that her dysphoria would not resolve unless she underwent the procedure.

We must pray for the mentally ill innocent boys and girls who are being intentionally manipulated by these evil LGBTQ demons.

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