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How faith and science fit together for this NASA astronaut

Jeff Williams, the astronaut who broke the record for spending the most time in space, has had a lifelong love for science. Growing up in Winter, Wisconsin, Williams was always an avid reader of books on the subject, which led him to pursue his passion with the encouragement of a teacher. Williams’ fascination with science eventually led him to a remarkable career in the military and NASA, where he spent 534 days in space.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Williams shared how his love for science and his faith in Christ intersect. Although he didn’t spend much time in church during his childhood, Williams became a confirmed Lutheran in eighth grade. It wasn’t until he and his wife faced significant difficulties in their marriage that they both came to Christ. Williams said that God put Christians around them during this tumultuous time, and his wife came to faith after hearing the Gospel. Williams spent several months studying the Bible to better understand his wife’s newfound faith and committed his own life to Christ in 1988.

Williams believes that science and Christianity are not in conflict and has spent a lot of time studying the material to address the questions that come up. In 2010, he released his book, The Work of His Hands: A View of God’s Creation from Space, which recounts his observations as he orbited the Earth more than 2,800 times and took more photographs of the Earth than any astronaut in history. Williams believes that failing to engage with the Bible and understand how science and Christianity can coexist poses a significant risk.

Today, Williams and his wife reside in Battle Ground, Washington, where they serve at Word of Grace Bible Church. Williams has a doctor of ministry from The Master’s Seminary in addition to his degrees in aeronautical engineering and national security.

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