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Massive Revival at Asbury University Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

When revival hits it’s always an exciting move of God to be a part of. We truly need revival all around the world; things can get better, it just takes time. Trust God, He knows when and where to pour His Holy Spirit out. This is one of God’s most phenomenal and much needed revivals — the Holy Spirit is being poured and lives are being restored.

The following excerpt is from  Faith Wire: “The nation is captivated by the stunning revival breaking out at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, as students, faculty, and people from outside the Christian campus flock to the school’s chapel to participate in a multi-day revival.

From singing to sermons and overt praise for Jesus, the worship service, which started Feb. 8, hasn’t stopped. Day and night, students and professors are passionately worshipping Christ. 

“Right now, I think we’ve reached over 120 hours of nonstop worship, praise, confession, testimony, Scripture, reading — you name it,” Alexandra Presta, a senior at Asbury University, told CBN’s Faithwire on Monday.

It’s a scene that has left Presta, who also serves as editor of the student-run website The Asbury Collegian, in awe. She has been writing about what she experienced after attending what she thought was a typical chapel service last Wednesday. 

But that service was like none other, resulting in a situation she called absolutely incredible.” — Faith Wire

Watch the video below from CBN News as Wendey Griffith shows us this extraordinary story of revival:

“I was in chapel on Wednesday, and it was an ordinary chapel service … we have them three times a week,” Presta said. “But then…people just kept worshiping afterwards. It was a small group of students.”

She recalled being initially surprised by those hanging back in the chapel and decided she, too, would stay, citing a prompting from the Lord.

“I did feel like the Holy Spirit … nudged me to go back,” Presta said. “And then I did, and then I ended up staying like the rest of the evening and then came back every day afterwards.”

Presta isn’t alone, as the Kentucky revival shows no signs of slowing down. She believes the nonstop prayer service — which she said wasn’t planned — is all the work of the Holy Spirit.” — Faith Wire

Through out history there’s been revivals, and historical revivals. Kentucky is soaking in a historic revival — God is moving! We must remember our Christian Revival history.

• The Great Awakening, 1734-1743
• The Second Great Awakening, 1800-1840
• The Businessman’s Revival, 1857-1858
• The Civil War Revival, 1861-1865
• The Urban Revivals, 1875-1885
• The Revival of 1905-106
• The Azusa Street Revival, 1906
• The Post-World War II Awakening
• The Charismatic Renewal and Jesus Movement, 1960-1970
• The Mid-1990’s Revivals (The Toronto Blessing, Modesto Revival, Brownsville Revival, Promise Keepers Revival and more)

The Lord is sending revival to our youth….we should rejoice and steward this by sending our youth to it so that they catch it and bring it to our youth groups and colleges.

I must also mention that historically, revivals have “leapt” from one place to another — revival seasons. It will be interesting to see where it leaps to next.

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