Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Minnesota Passes Satanic Bill to Allow Babies to Die

Today, the Omnibus health bill was approved by the Minnesota legislature, an action that has led to the elimination of a bipartisan provision safeguarding newborns and a bipartisan program that provided assistance to pregnant women who chose to continue their pregnancies. Furthermore, several longstanding laws concerning abortion have been revoked as well. Governor Tim Walz is anticipated to sign this extensive bill into law, which was passed by the House and Senate along party lines.

Cathy Blaeser, the Co-Executive Director of MCCL, expressed her concerns about the recent developments, stating, “Initially, Governor Walz and the DFL majorities enacted a policy allowing abortions up to the point of birth, a policy that conflicts with the views held by the majority of the global population. Now, they have taken it a step further by rescinding a law that mandated life-saving care for newborns. Additionally, they have eliminated the Positive Alternatives program, which offered support to pregnant women facing challenging circumstances. Both infants and women are negatively impacted by these sweeping and extreme changes.”

The Omnibus bill, SF 2995, was predominantly formulated behind closed doors without input from Republican representatives on the conference committee. The bill eliminates Minnesota’s existing requirement to take reasonable measures in order to “preserve the life and health” of infants who are born alive. Instead, it introduces a new provision for “care,” which Rep. Tina Liebling (DFL-Rochester), the bill’s author in the House, describes as mere “comfort” care. With this new language in place, there is a possibility that infants may be denied life-saving treatment and allowed to perish.

In support of repealing the protection for newborns, some legislators falsely argued that the repealed language mandated inappropriate or futile attempts to save the infants’ lives. However, the previous law simply required “reasonable measures consistent with good medical practice.” This removal of basic protection could particularly endanger disabled infants, whose lives are often undervalued. God will not let those who allow his precious babies to die go unpunished.

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