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Patriot Rep. John James (R-MI) Will Lead the House Subcommittee on Africa

Freshman Rep. John James (R-MI) has been busy since the 118th Congress session became active in January. He’s already introduced his first Bill; moreover, now he’ll lead the Subcommittee on Africa. James said he looks forward to working on issues including combating human rights [abuses] and doing something about the devastating impact China has had on Africa in his new position. James is already moving forward with his plan to make a positive change, using hard work and common sense compassion.

Chairman Michael McCaul has assembled a very reputable team in the 118th Congress. McCaul stated, “The Foreign Affairs Committee has never been more relevant with the global challenges and the threats we face from our foreign adversaries,” stated McCaul. “So I am thrilled to welcome such a great team of leaders on the committee this Congress. I look forward to serving with them and all our Members as we work to pass meaningful legislation that prioritizes national security and strengthens our relationships with key allies, while conducting vital oversight of the Biden administration.”

Congressman James is poised to take on the dynamic challenges that come with foreign affairs. John said, “I am honored to lead the subcommittee on Africa as its chairman, because the African continent is the cradle of Chinese Communist Party economic colonization and military dominance.”

James continued, “The human rights abuses in the critical mineral mining industry and growing terror networks which threaten the United States are just two current examples. I look forward to working with the committee at large to increase the health and wealth of all God’s children — both in America and abroad.”

Much of our nation’s and the world’s cobalt supply comes from China through slave and forced child labor in Africa — promoted by China. Our dependence on foreign countries, such as the CCP, for our domestic cobalt supply is definitely a matter of national security.

Here’s a video that explains the China owned Cobalt mines in the Congo. They use African slaves, adults and children. It’s diabolically inhumane, and that’s not an exaggeration.

China’s President Xi is directly responsible for the atrocities in the Congo cobalt mines. Which means, with Biden in office, China is capable of stopping any obstruction to their cobalt supply — using Biden and the Democrats. China owns the Biden’s.

Needless to say, James is going to have his hands full, and he will have to hurtle over many obstacles. China has many politicians in their pocket. The task of bringing China to accountability has proven to be arduous for everyone that has tried — to no avail. The amount of infiltrators China has woven within our government can’t even be compared to any other country’s efforts to corrupt our democracy. Keep Rep. John James in your prayers Patriots, he has a very cumbersome and dangerous task ahead.

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