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Prayer Saves Miracle Baby Born at 23 Weeks With Major Health Problems

A premature baby girl born at 23 weeks and 2 days was released from the hospital after spending 14 weeks there, and her discharge papers described her as a “miracle.”

Madelyn Mire was born in Texas with a weight of only 1lb 4oz. Her mother, Jennilee, had a smooth pregnancy until a medical appointment at 20 weeks revealed a concerning issue. Jennilee explained, “Everything was going really well until then! I almost skipped that appointment, so there are a whole lot of extraordinary events surrounding that, but I found out that my cervix was fully effaced.” This meant that she could have gone into labor at any moment, so doctors did everything possible to delay it.

The doctors informed Jennilee that she had to reach 24 weeks of pregnancy to give her baby a chance of survival. Unfortunately, her previous daughter was born at 26 weeks and passed away shortly after birth. Jennilee described her current pregnancy as a “rainbow baby” and expressed her emotions, saying, “And so this was our rainbow baby, and here we are, facing a similar situation once again.”

Baby Madelyn, unable to wait until 24 weeks, was born prematurely at 23 weeks and 2 days. As a result, she faced a multitude of severe medical challenges. Like her mother, she contracted E. coli, which posed an immediate threat. Jennilee explained, “It crossed the blood-brain barrier because when they’re that small, they don’t really have one, and it developed into meningitis. She also experienced a brain bleed and cysts on her brain. In addition, she had respiratory distress syndrome, which is common among premature babies, and required a ventilator.” Madelyn also had patent ductus arteriosus, which is a persistent opening between major blood vessels in the heart. The medical team made every effort to save her life.

Jennilee took action beyond medical interventions to save her newborn. She said, “I prepared myself for a spiritual battle and started praying, asking for the intervention of Jesus to save her. I had recently been introduced to a ministry called The Supernatural Life, which brought spiritual deliverance into my life and made me realize that we are engaged in a spiritual battle. In Mark 16:17-18, it states that believers will exhibit signs and lay hands on the sick for their healing, and I had personally witnessed miraculous healings before.”

Jennilee recalled an encounter with the doctor while leaving the hospital one evening after a spinal tap was performed. She shared, “The doctor stopped me and said, ‘We don’t know what happened, but the condition is no longer present, there are no signs of necrotizing whatever it’s called, the brain is not deteriorating, and we don’t detect meningitis.'”

Suddenly, Baby Madelyn started showing signs of improvement. Her brain bleeds ceased, and the opening in her blood vessels closed.

Upon discharge, her paperwork labeled her a “miracle.”

Jacob, Madelyn’s father, described the experience, saying, “We have come a long way! Initially, there were feelings of helplessness and uncertainty. Having gone through a similar situation before, it was hard not to expect the worst when Jennilee went into labor again.” Despite feeling helpless, Jacob managed to donate blood, contributing to his daughter’s life-saving treatment. He said, “All I could do was be reactive and provide support.”

Amazingly, Madelyn was released from the hospital and sent home at 37 weeks, with her discharge papers bearing the term “miracle.”

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