Monday, June 17, 2024

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Project Veritas Has Pushed James O’Keefe Out, Who Will Be Next to Go?

James O’Keefe is now gone from Project Veritas. I’m shocked and frankly, appalled that his board members turned on him so easily — so fast! I can only come to one conclusion, the deep state infiltrated his board members. There’s no other explanation for a company to turn on its founder, who stood for justice in truth, and still say they stand for justice in truth as well. So, I say they’ve been infiltrated and I’m sticking to it — they won’t get another donation from me ever again.

Before I go any further, here’s a video below from Charlie Kirk posted on Twitter; listen to what James O’Keefe says and hear it in his own words.

There you have it Patriots, straight from James O’Keefe himself; the whole thing sounds very sketchy doesn’t it? With O’Keefe gone, the deep state has all but crushed the company — people will simply lose confidence in Project Veritas.

The timing of it all makes no logical sense. Project Veritas had just recently published the biggest expose of its history. They actually got a Pfizer executive to admit that the company was altering the coronavirus in order to sell more vaccines. And we know the vaccine is death in a bottle, but that’s another story. What appears to be bad timing is most likely retaliation timing; which always happens right after a major blow of truth gets out. I imagine that with the Pfizer sting being so high-profile, it demanded swift action to make a point.

Nonetheless, like O’Keefe said, “he’s not finished,” he’s just gonna move on under a new organization, and continue doing the good work he’s been doing. He can’t stop doing what he’s been doing for so long.

If the infiltrated board did this to its founder, we have to consider that more good people will be fired. Surly the deep state isn’t going to stop at O’Keefe, more heads are going to roll for sure. The only question is who will be next? I’m sure the whole Project Veritas team is wondering if they’ll be let go for some manufactured petty reasons.

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