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Quick Sermon: The Witches War Against God, Pastor Greg Locke

There’s no doubt that there is a war against God and His people. The government, society and the entertainment industry are in full swing [blasphemy] mode. They want to normalize and sensationalize their Satanic rituals and practices. The people of God must resist and speak out against it. Churches that aren’t speaking out against it may be compromised by it. We can clearly see how the doctrine of abortion, same sex marriage and transgender ideology has creeped in. But have you noticed the witchcraft lifestyle in some churches? Probably not because it’s much more subtle than the LGBTQ doctrine; yet, they are one and the same in many ways.

Here’s a quick sermon from Pastor Greg Locke on the war being waged against God.

Satanist cults have always infiltrated some churches since the beginning. But it’s much more rampant now; because Satan knows his time is very short. It still baffles me how witches hate the God Who created them, but love the demons that pretend to be helping them — those spirits literally hate them. God is the One Who is really helping them; He gives them breath and life everyday. The spirits they reverence would kill them immediately if they could — God won’t allow it until He says they can.

It appears to be entertainment worship, what I mean is they worship spirits that entertain them and their desires of money and control. If they feel one spirit is no longer fulfilling that, they’ll just go worship another one — add other spirits. We still must pray for them because God still loves His lost rebellious children too.

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