Monday, June 17, 2024

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The U.S. has Sent $113 Billion to Ukraine, It Didn’t Do Anything to Help

Our tax dollars have been siphoned off to Ukraine to the tune of $113 billion and counting. I had to start this off with that very hard truth. This scripted war is doing exactly what it was written to do — steal tax dollars.

According to a report from US News, the countries that have sent the most aid to Ukraine are the United States, Ukraine’s neighbors, and other countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. The US has sent the most aid in total dollars, while Ukraine’s neighbors have contributed the most on a per GDP basis. In February 2023, the US committed $2 billion in drones, ammunition, and aid to Ukraine.

In total, the US has spent $113 billion in taxpayer funds for Ukraine since the Russian invasion one year ago. This money was supposed to go towards: weapons, ammunition, training, logistics, supplies, salaries, and stipends. But what proof do we really have that it did? Even if it did, that strategy clearly hasn’t worked.

We’re left to believe that this war isn’t written to end, it’s meant to be ongoing — diabolical plot to steal our tax dollars. And it’s working! These are the last of the last days; things will get worse but don’t forget — God is in control.

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