Monday, June 17, 2024

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Top 10 reasons I Don’t Like McCarthy Being Speaker of the House

I came across an article that lists three valid reasons why the House is against McCarthy. However, I can think of a lot more than three reasons and that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure we all can think of plenty of reasons why he shouldn’t be Speaker; his RINO behavior is “well known” amongst us real Patriots. Nonetheless, McCarthy finally [scraped] up enough votes — on the 15th go around to become Speaker of the House.

Trump actually wants him to hold the gavel in the House. What’s up with that?! McCarthy advanced absurd articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump — I don’t see any logical reason why Trump would endorse McCarthy. I can see that McCarthy can’t be trusted and I’m adamant about that. Nevertheless I’m glad Pelosi is no longer Speaker.

Here’s the Top 10 reasons I don’t like McCarthy being Speaker of the House:

McCarthy voted in favor of:
1. Stopping state restrictions on abortions
2. Invalidating state election integrity laws
3. Forcing Vax mandates for military
4. Giving $100B for Ukraine
5. Using Medicare to fund USPS
6. Drafting of women
7. Same sex marriage
8. J6 committee
9. DC as the 51st state
10. Even more Gun Control

That list could have went well beyond 100, but I wanted to keep it short. I just wish the Republicans debated as much over the ruinous bills that the Democrats produced, as they did over RINO McCarthy being House Speaker. I mean really, since Joe Biden took office and began two years of destruction to America, what did our RINO’s in the GOP do in DC? Sell their votes to lobbyists, enrich themselves while helping Democrats agenda? Our strong Republicans pushed great bills that actually would have helped Americans greatly — none were able to pass.

We have new strong Patriots coming into the 118th Congress. They are surely poised to make a positive difference for America. McCarthy will most likely try to hinder their efforts at every turn.

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