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Why is shark conservation important for the world?

Shark conservation is important for the world because sharks play an important role in the food web and help ensure balance in the ocean’s ecosystem [1]. With their presence, other populations are kept in check and the spread of disease is prevented, improving the gene pool [2].

Additionally, their disappearance from their usual habitat is a clear sign of habitat destruction [3]. Furthermore, their presence is essential for the health of our oceans and the reduction of one species can cause unexpected and detrimental effects on other species [4].

Finally, shark tracking is used to collect vital information on where sharks live, their numbers, their behavior, and environmental health, which can help to protect endangered species [5].



According to the IUCN, the whale shark, porbeagle, smooth hammerhead, scalloped hammerhead, and great hammerhead sharks are all classified as vulnerable or endangered and are facing extinction [1]. Additionally, the great white shark is also facing extinction due to both targeted and accidental fishing [2].



There are many great shark dive sites in America, but here are a few of the best:

  1. Guadalupe Island, California – This island located off the coast of Baja California is known for its great white shark encounters. The waters are crystal clear and the sharks can be seen up close from the safety of a cage.
  2. Jupiter, Florida – This area is known for its hammerhead shark population, which can be seen in large numbers during the winter months. Other species that can be seen include tiger sharks and bull sharks.
  3. Oahu, Hawaii – The North Shore of Oahu is a great place to see Galapagos sharks, sandbar sharks, and tiger sharks. There are also several wrecks that can be explored and attract a variety of shark species.
  4. Beaufort, North Carolina – This area is known for its sand tiger shark population, which can be seen in large numbers during the summer months. Divers can also see other species such as bull sharks and tiger sharks.
  5. Channel Islands, California – The Channel Islands are known for their kelp forests and the variety of shark species that can be seen, including great whites, blue sharks, and mako sharks.

These are just a few of the best shark dive sites in America, and there are many more great places to explore if you’re a shark enthusiast!

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