Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Wyoming is now the 19th state to ban boys from girls’ sports

Hallelujah! Wyoming has become the 19th state to ban boys from competing in girls’ sports. The bill, which was signed by Wyoming’s Republican governor, Mark Gordon; prohibits transgender girls and women from participating in women’s sports in K-12 schools and colleges. The ban is based on the [scientific facts] that biological males have physical advantages over biological females—allowing them to compete in women’s sports is unfair!

The bill has been a topic of controversy, some delusionists say it discriminates against transgender individuals and violates their civil rights. Common “sense” supporters of the bill know that it protects the integrity of women’s sports and ensures a level playing field for female athletes.

This issue has been a constant “ridiculous” topic in recent years, with several states passing similar bills. It raises important questions about the indoctrination of gender identity, and fairness to real females in sports. It remains to be seen how this new law will affect the sports landscape in Wyoming; however, we know sports will be fair for females now. We’ll have to see if it will face legal challenges in the future.

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