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A Psychic is Changed by Jesus and Starts Her Road to Salvation

Psychics talk with demons that they think are good spirits, eventually the demons show their horns. Former medium, Jenn Nizza, describes her transformation from the occult to a believer in Jesus Christ, and the great peace only God can give.

Jenn says, “I started having premonitions at age 12. I’d see an event in my mind and soon after, it would come true. Curious about the spiritual realm, I started visiting tarot card readers at the age of 13 and two years later, I got my own deck. In my early twenties, I began seeking out mediums. I kept going back and kept going back, in the hopes of finding some sort of peace. Before I knew it, I was hooked.”

Watch the video below to see how Jesus worked things out to set her free.

The spirit realm is full of lying spirits; following them only leads to your own destruction. The evil spirits that pretend to be helping, really do see “some” future events; but God’s will for us is to have faith that He has our future taken care of. Don’t seek to know the future — trust God.

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