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Fear and Faith: Being Careful is Not Fear

God has always been with you and His purpose has always been in you. Trust God at all times.

Multiple times in the Bible, God tells us that we don’t have to be afraid because He is with us. We don’t even have to know how He plans to help us; all we need to know is that He loves us and is with us.

The devil has kept you from doing things in your life that God called you to do because of what might happen if you did. The enemy doesn’t even have to fight us with real events or circumstances. The suggestion of a disaster is enough to send some of us into retreat. 

Even the thought: “What if they don’t like me?” Is enough to keep you in the house. The thought: “What if they break my heart?” Is enough to keep you from extending yourself in a relationship.

And the saddest thing in the world is to see a Christian, who has been set free by the love of Christ, still hiding. We have been consulting the wrong source to find out what our future looks like. And so, now we stay indoors and we stay in fear, and we stay in paranoia. And we never plant, and we never reap, even though we’re free.

It’s different if God has you isolated, He does that to us during specific seasons in life for our good. But, that’s not the same as you living in fear. Never fear anything.

Being careful isn’t the same as fear, so don’t get the two confused. You are supposed to be careful and watchful. Your faith can still be strong while being careful and watchful.

Keep going forward knowing that God has called you to His purpose. Yet and still, you must be watchful and careful; however, have no fear.

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