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God Never Looked Away From Jesus on the Cross

In Matthew 27:45 Jesus said, “My God my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

Jesus said that because he felt the full separation from God. God made Jesus feel the full blow of death. That separation made Jesus feel forsaken, it had to be the worst feeling ever for Jesus. In all of His millions of years of existence Jesus never imagined that feeling.

Here’s a video that explains everything, or you can continue reading.

That feeling of separation from God is what everyone who dies that doesn’t love God will experience. 

It’s the full blow of death, and they will feel forsaken also, just like Jesus did.  

Many pastors and so called Bible scholars like the theory that God had to look away from Jesus because he couldn’t bare to see so much sin on His Son. The sins they are referring to are our sins. 

Every sin you ever committed was put on Jesus in that moment, as well as every sin everyone else has committed. Jesus may also have felt the weight of all of our sins. That would have added insult to injury, so to speak.

Saying God couldn’t bare something is blasphemy. There is nothing in existence that God can’t look at. Furthermore, there is nothing that God can’t do. If God can’t look at it, God isn’t going to allow it to happen. There will never be any Angel or creature in Heaven that will ever be able to say, “I know something that God couldn’t do.”

God saw all of our sins before he even created humanity. He saw everything we would do, and whether it hurt Him or not, God looked.  Our God is too strong and too tough and too powerful to look away from anything.

Our God is All knowing. If He looked away, that means He doesn’t know how many times the fingers of Jesus twitched, or how many times His eyelids blinked when He spoke those agonizing words. God knows because He looked, and He saw it all long before it actually happened.

To say God had to look away because he couldn’t bear something is to call God weak.  That’s not what our strong mighty God is!

Our God is strong and mighty. Sure, there are things we as people can’t look at, but we aren’t God. 

Let me put this another way. Everybody in hell right now, is going through the worst torment ever. Those are all God’s children. The demons that are doing the torturing and the people that are receiving the torture are all of God‘s children, and he loves them all. However, He  sees and knows everything that’s going on in hell right now, and he’s strong enough to take it.

Of course it hurts Him, but obviously it’s necessary, because God wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t necessary.

Our God loves us, and we’re supposed to love Him also. Love is the most powerful weapon in the world, it’s second to none. 

God never looked away from Jesus because He loves Jesus to much to ever look away from Him. And God will never look away from you either.

I hope this clears things up about Jesus saying He was forsaken, He was never forsaken it just felt that way. We all feel that way at times, but God will never forsake us, just like He never forsook Jesus.

I could keep going but that’s enough for this teaching.


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