Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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Quick Sermon: In God’s Kingdom You Are an Important Person

It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of you, always try to remember that. Everybody on God’s side is a Kingdom Citizen. Life is about doing God’s will come what may. If people think you’re not important, always remember that you are an important person in God’s Kingdom. One day very soon, Jesus is going to return for you. You will enter into His Glory, Joy and Peace for all of eternity — what the world thinks does not matter at all.

But on the other hand, everyone who does not like you will enter into eternal damnation and torment in Hell. That’s not something to be happy about, I’m not happy about it. Unfortunately that’s the way it will be for them; they had plenty of chances to change — they willfully chose not to. God still blesses them, but soon He is returning to judge all mankind.

Your job is to Love God and be the awesome person He created you to be. Satan will attack, you just trust God and go forward humbly, in love and courage — God is in control! Never forget that fact, you can be the awesome person He shapes you into with no fear of anything.

Here’s a great classic sermon clip from Dr. Ed Young. I highly suggest everyone to watch this video. He will explain how important everyone is to God.

I hope your spirit was strengthened from the truth of that timeless message. God needs you more than you know. Love Him and trust Him with your future. Much better days are ahead for those of us who Love God!

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