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God’s Forgiveness Doesn’t Stop His Consequences

We know God forgives us when we sincerely ask Him and forgive everyone else who’s sinned against us. But, the consequences of our sin still continues for a set time, that timeframe is set by God Himself. Most people think they can sin with impunity. God is not mocked, you will reap what you sow. You reap what you sow means, you must eventually face the consequences of your actions. Do not do these: steal, hurt, lie, manipulate, fornicate, commit adultery, worship other spirits or be gay. They all have serious consequences.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. — Galatians 6:7

And not only that, you reap it worse than you sowed it. I understand sinning is something we all do at one time or another. There’s always going to be consequences to endure because of our sin. The levels of the consequences are determined by the level of the sin. It often directly correlates with the specific actions of the sin, but not always. The consequences may come in from a completely different area of your life, one that you thought God would never touch.

God touches all areas of our lives; nothing is off limits to Him. Many don’t seem to realize that they’re suffering from their actions. They don’t think God is doing it; instead, they assume that whatever they’re going through is just the way their lives are. That’s the wrong outlook to have — everything God allows has a specific reason; furthermore, it’s always meant to achieve a specific purpose. God is a loving teacher therefore, everything is a lesson.

The first lesson we must learn is to not take revenge! We are all prone to take revenge in some form. Doing anything malicious to others is against God Himself. You will stay stuck in a malicious atmosphere. Let’s just look at it this way, some sins against God and His followers, just isn’t walked away from just because vengeance is finished.

When you are on God’s side in life, you don’t have to do anything to your enemies — God will avenge you. Keep walking your path of Love and Peace. Pray for your enemies exactly how you pray for yourself; meaning, everything you ask for in prayer, ask the same for them (genuinely) also. God handles your enemies in His way, not yours. Jesus told us to pray for our enemies for a reason. One of the more obvious reasons is because it’s hard to do something wrong to someone you pray to Jesus for. Vengeance is the most common consequence on Earth. We’ve all done it and paid a price for it. So just stay humble and endure, God will avenge you.

The Bible says if we claim to be without sin we deceive ourselves. There is no way we can save ourselves; you can’t work for it you can’t buy it — it is a free gift from God through His Son Jesus Christ. Rejoice in the fact that we are forgiven, and make sure to forgive others — Christ died for their sins too.

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