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Pastors We Recommend, These Pastors Really Teach the Word of God

If you have just become a Christian, I must recommend these Pastors to you. You can watch them on YouTube and television. Being taught the word of God is necessary for ‘every’ believer; we are never supposed to stop learning and growing. So if you are a long time Christian, I still suggest these Pastors. I’ve learned from and been inspired by them for decades. They’ll be some Evangelists in this list as well, because they’re just as important to listen to as the Pastors.

This list of suggested Pastors will be in alphabetical order, because all of them are equally great.

  1. Charles Stanley
  2. Dale C. Bronner
  3. Dharius Daniels
  4. Hank Kunneman
  5. Jack Graham
  6. Jentezen Franklin
  7. John Amanchukwu
  8. John Hagee
  9. Jonathan Cahn
  10. Joyce Meyer
  11. Kirt Schneider
  12. Lance Wallnau
  13. Steven Furtick
  14. Tim Timberlake
  15. Tony Evans
  16. Matthew Hagee
  17. Paula White
  18. Rodney Howard

That’s the “Pastor Powerhouse” list Saints! You will never spiritually out grow their sermons. I’ll add more to this post so…be sure to check back.

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